Volunteer Opportunities

Mentors needed

Serve as a business coach alongside experienced Alaska Business Week veterans from industry giants like Andeavor, hometown stalwarts like AlaskaUSA, and cutting edge trendsetters like Gartner. Our company advisors often tell us that they learned more than they think the students did.

Contact Andy Rogers at
(907) 278-2744 for more information.

Build more successful Alaskans

01. Engage and mentor teams and individuals.

02. Focus on task completion, schedule and collaboration.

03. Guide the team's business strategy and product design.

04. Have fun!

Are you available?
We are currently looking for business mentors for Anchorage in July and Wasilla in early August. Housing opportunities are available, so don’t let the location keep you from being the key to a student’s success.

Pre-camp training and preparation

  • Must attend advisor training the day before each camp begins.
  • Complete an informational form and background check.
  • We need judges!

    Can't commit to mentor for a full week? No problem!

    We need 20-30 volunteers to serve as judges at the end of every Business Week camp. Judging only takes a couple hours and allows the students put their new business skills on display.

    Contact Andy Rogers at
    (907) 278-2744 for more information.

    Judges wear multiple hats

    Judging is a great way to encourage Alaska entrepreneurship while learning a little more about the Alaska Business Week program. It only take a couple hours and you get to see the culmination of all the students' hard work.

    Shareholder: You play the role of company owner while the students present their financial reports, lessons learned, and plans for the future.

    Investor: Diversification is important in business. Attend the student Trade Show and make simulated investments in the best new product ideas.

    Judging opportunities
    We are currently looking for judges for Anchorage in July and Wasilla in early August.

  • Alaska Pacific University: July 20, 9 - 11:30am
  • Wasilla High School: August 3, 9 - 11am
  • ABW Intern Program

    We created the internship program because so many ABW students wanted to come back to camp again and again.

    The intern program is competitive, with only a handful of students selected to return to assist each year. It is a rewarding way to enjoy business education and the college experience while giving back to a new group of ABW participants.

    Interns Apply Now!

    What We're Looking For

    01. Be a good, positive, and motivating example for new ABW students.

    02. Assist the Business Week staff, Company Advisors and Chair of the Week. Seriously... we need your help!

    03. Learn how to run audio and video equipment for guest speakers.

    04. You're in charge of the music in the auditorium. Don't make us regret this. Make wise choices!

    05. Take fun photos and video of students, speakers, and presentations and learn how to put them together into a sweet presentation for the graduation ceremony.

    06. Have fun! And enjoy one more summer at Alaska Business Week. =)

    Intern opportunities
    We are currently looking for interns for Anchorage in July and Wasilla in early August.

  • Alaska Pacific University: July 14-21
  • Wasilla High School: July 30 - August 3
  • Resident Advisors

    Resident Advisor is a paid position and applications are currently being accepted for the statewide summer program at APU from July 14-21.

    Our Resident Advisors play a huge role in making the camp both fun and successful for the participants. It's a great way to earn a bunch of overtime, too!

    Resident Advisers Apply Now!

    What We're Looking For

    Resident Advisors are responsible for the daily supervision and safety of program participants, working under the direction of and in coordination with the Executive Director.

    01. Earn $15 per hour with meals and housing included.

    02. Resident advisor experience at college or residential program (similar to ABW programs), or peer mentor or counselor at a collegiate or high school age centered program.

    03. Ability to reside in a dorm for the dates of employment.

    04. Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills .

    05. Ability to work with high school age students on a college campus.

    06. Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively to achieve goals.

    RA Job Opportunities
    We are currently looking for RAs at Alaska Pacific University from July 14-21.